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MinnCentral Currents fills a need in Central Minnesota for educating and inspiring civic engagement by having discussions which target issues important to folks who live here. 

Each episode addresses a specific topic that directly impacts the people of Central Minnesota. Episodes highlight the voices of people in our community – their experiences, their questions and their concerns. We also talk to those in positions to make change – the people who run our businesses, our schools, our public institutions and our civic organizations – to learn what they are doing to help our communities thrive.

Our show strives to educate above all else. We focus on how to address the needs of people in our communities; to empower individuals to make a difference in their lives.

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Current Episode

Climate Generation

The effects of our changing climate are visible all around us. Over the past six months we have discussed how climate change is impacting our weather, our forests, our waters, and our food supply.

I was a child in the 1980s. I have spent my whole life listening to arguments about the reality of events that are measurable, verifiable, and happening around us.

Forty years. We have had forty years to address this issue from a basic standpoint of good stewardship of the earth. All arguments aside, shouldn’t we be conducting our industry and our lives in such a way that we minimally impact the home we will be passing on to our children? 

Kristen Poppleton, Senior Direct of Programs for Climate Generation – A Will Steger Legacy
Zaria Romero, Youth Climate Activist

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Episode 8: Veteran Centers

There are veterans from over a dozen wars and military operations living among us right now.

While Minnesota ranks right in the middle for the number of Veterans living in our state, we lack Vet Centers on a per-capita basis.

Today we hear from two Veterans who are advocating for more Vet Centers in underserved regions, such as Central Minnesota.

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Episode 7: Lean On Me

May is Mental Health Awareness month.

For a lot of us, the concept of mental health care is tied directly to being in a state of crisis, and for far too many of us, we neglect our own mental well-being until we’ve reached that state of crisis. Resources at that level have been stretched thin for years, and oftentimes the wait list for assistance leaves people without services when they need them most urgently.

But, what if we could change the way we think about mental health care, so that more of us sought help BEFORE we reached that crisis stage?

This week and next, we’ll be looking at peer-to-peer services in Minnesota that offer help for mental wellness and beyond.

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Episode 6: Under Covered

Americans need access to health care. So, how do we find coverage that takes into account the needs of the patient while also honoring the work of the doctors?

Renee Cardarelle, Community Member
Senator John Marty, MN-66

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Episode 5: On The Farm

Today we’re taking a first look at what it means to be a farmer in Minnesota in 2021. We’ll revisit this topic from time to time as we get to know the folks who supply our restaurants and farmers’ markets.

Bruce Anderson, Community Member
Greg Reynolds of Riverbend Farms in Delano, MN

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Episode 4: Our Changing Waters

This Earth Day, we’re asking: what’s the quality of our lakes and rivers in Central Minnesota? And what can we do to ensure we have safe water to enjoy for generations to come?

Dave Rieder, Community Member
John Barten, Clean Water Council – Lakes & Streams Non-Profit, Chair, Policy Committee

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Episode 3: Out For Adventure

With this episode airing during Severe Weather Awareness week in Minnesota, we wanted to ask: What does the intersection of weather, the great outdoors, and climate change look like?

Bruce “Harv” Busta, Community Member
Rachel Humphrey, Assistant Professor of Meteorology and Science Education at St. Cloud State University.

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Episode 2: Hello, Good-Bye, Get Better Soon

How do we find the balance between needing to work to survive, and needing to be present for ourselves and our loved one through all the seasons of life?

Arnie Burzynski, Community Member
Bethany Winkles, Executive Director MN AFL-CIO

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Episode 1: Finding Ourselves

Today we’re talking about knowing ourselves better, as a community and as the beautiful patchwork of people who make up this Central Minnesota landscape.

Jan Sorell of the community group Memory Writers.
Carie Essig, Executive Director of the Stearns History Museum.

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