There has been a lot of news lately about the presence of microplastics in everything from our food and water to our bodies. How did this even happen?

Guest: Mary Kosuth, Research Assistant and PhD student at the U of M School of Public Health

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Show Notes: 

Mary Kosuth’s paper: Anthropogenic contamination of tap water, beer, and sea salt
Microplastics: What are they and why should we care?  

The World’s Plastic Pollution Crisis, Explained

Waste Land – an episode of Planet Money

​​Plastic Pollution is Killing Sea Turtles

Your Laundry Sheds Harmful Microfibers. Here’s What You Can Do About It

What Companies Are Behind the Global Surge in Single-Use Plastic

Loop’s Revolutionary Reusable Packaging System – Coming to Some Big Stores

Bottle Bill States and How They Work

Oregon Bottle Deposit ($ .10) and Bottle Drop Redemption Centers

Oregon Governor Signs Country’s Second EPR Law For Packaging 

The Race to Develop Plastic-Eating Bacteria




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