This year’s United Nations Climate Conference, COP 26, will – for the first time – center the impact of climate change on human health. From the very urgent severe weather crisis that has seen an uptick in storms and wildfires to the more long-term effects of climate impacts on our food systems, there is a lot to discuss.


Today, however, we want to know: How is climate change affecting the health of our youth here in Central Minnesota?

Guest: Cathy Kulus, MD, FAAP, Pediatrician and Medical Director of Pediatric Hospital Medicine Program at the St. Cloud Hospital

Show Notes:

TedxStCloud Presentation by Kathy Kulus, MD and John Mahowald, MD., Oct. 30, 2020

How climate change impacts health

Young People Are Anxious About Climate Change And Say Governments Are Failing Them 

Climate Changes Children’s Health

Climate change and child health: a scoping review and an expanded conceptual framework


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