Over the past several months we’ve covered a variety of environmental and agriculture topics, from water quality to soil health to forest sustainability.

Today, I’m interviewing a guest who takes these threads and weaves them together in the story of the practice of silvopasture.

Guest: Tyler Carlson, Owner and operator of Early Boots Farm, and Silvopasture and Agro-Forestry lead for the Sustainable Farming Association of Minnesota.

Show Notes:
Early Boots Farm  

Silvopasture Learning Network 

Sustainable Farming Association’sAgroforestry page 

The Savanna Institute – Non-profit working on silvopasture in the Upper Midwest based in  Madison, Wisconsin.  

Soil Health Case Studies – Silvopasture  

Grassland 2.0

Scholarly articles recommended by Tyler:
A reconceptualization of open oak and pine ecosystems of eastern North America using a forest structure spectrum

Recognizing loss of open forest ecosystems by tree densification and land use intensification in the Midwestern USA

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