Law enforcement entities and the municipalities they are licensed to serve within the state of Minnesota are at an inflection point. At this time there are conversations taking place in city halls and in the chambers of our legislature weighing how to move forward from what is at once both another pivotal moment as well as a river of moments that spans deep into our collective past.


I don’t often open with bold opinions, but this time, I will: Every member of our community deserves to feel safe. How do the entities of law enforcement and governing bodies create systems that ensure the individuals operating in these spaces are able to best honor the social contract we each hold with one another?


Guest: David Bentrud, Chief of Police, Waite Park


Show Notes:

State police licensing board to adopt policy on protest response, ban white supremacist affiliation 


New model for policing at St. Cloud, Minnesota, ‘Cop House’


Personal care business for survivors of trafficking thriving after April launch


Minnesota lawmakers pass modest police accountability bill 


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