.PIn this episode we address the topics of sexual assault and interpersonal violence. While it may not be appropriate for the youngest ears, it might be something you choose to listen to as a conversation starter with teens and other family members.

For so long the stigma and shame attached to sexual and interpersonal violence kept victims and survivors from speaking out. But as we’ve seen in the cases of institutional sexual abuse within religions and business organizations, once a few brave individuals speak out, the dam breaks and a flood typically follows. There is, after all, safety in numbers.

And the numbers aren’t good. Before age 18, 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys will be victims of sexual abuse, and in adulthood 1 in 3 women experience sexual violence.

The recent cultural conversation around sexual violence may have been sparked by abuses at an institutional level, but it has encouraged victims and survivors to speak up, seek healing, and pursue justice for violence expereinced at the the hands of community members, friends, and family.

How do we support the cultural shift of speaking up about sexual violence within our own homes, schools, and communities, and what resources are available in our area to support victim survivors?

Guest: Rebecca Kotz, Gender Violence Prevention Coordinator & Assistant Director of the Women’s Center at St. Cloud State University and former Trafficking Program Coordinator with the Central MN Sexual Assault Center.

*CORRECTION  NOTE* An earlier version incorrectly listed Rebecca Kotz as Executive Director of the Central MN Sexual Assault Center. Her role was Trafficking Program Coordinator.

Show Notes:

RAINN, Rape and Incest National Network – call for help: 800.656.HOPE (4673)

Central Minnesota Sexual Assault Center – call for help: (320)251-4357  

St. Cloud State Women’s Center

Deep dive on Sexual Violence statistics

Lawmakers close gaps in Minnesota’s sex assault laws with public safety bill 

Delayed Disclosure

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