The history of St. Cloud, like so many towns across the Midwest, is tied to the river and the railroad. It’s a living history, with the later of these two features at the heart of current conversations around what the future holds for St. Cloud’s East Side.

St. Cloud is the 10th largest city in the state of Minnesota. It sits at the intersection of two rivers, four major roadways, and a rail line that’s part of the Amtrak Empire Builder route. The bulk of St. Cloud sits on the sunset side of the Mississippi, though the rail depot is on the East Side, and was responsible for much of the early prosperity on that side of the river.

The East Side is home to many places that once were. This is not unique to St. Cloud, either. Having lived in several small towns myself, I know that many places that once were are no more, and for-sale signs in commercial buildings are a familiar part of the “old downtown” landscape. I also know that many towns, large and small, have decided to dedicate the time and effort into reimagining what once was into what will be.

Today’s episode is going to touch on two inextricably linked topics: Revitalization and public transportation.

Steve Laraway, St. Cloud City Council Member, Ward 2
Anne Buckvold, Social Worker, Mental Health Provider, Artist, St. Cloud Times Columnist, Transportation Advocate

Show Notes:

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East End Redevelopment Opportunities  

St. Cloud East End Small Area Plan (PDF)

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BNSF Rail Improvements

Department of Transportation Greater Minnesota Transit Plan


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