May is Mental Health Awareness month.

For a lot of us, the concept of mental health care is tied directly to being in a state of crisis, and for far too many of us, we neglect our own mental well-being until we’ve reached that state of crisis. Resources at that level have been stretched thin for years, and oftentimes the wait list for assistance leaves people without services when they need them most urgently.

But, what if we could change the way we think about mental health care, so that more of us sought help BEFORE we reached that crisis stage?

This week and next, we’ll be looking at peer-to-peer services in Minnesota that offer help for mental wellness and beyond. 

Mille Richard, Licensed Peer Recovery Specialist with Wellness in the Woods
Jode Freyholtz-London, Executive Director of Wellness in the Woods

Show Notes:
Wellness in the Woods
2019 Minnesota Department of Health report on Rural Health Care in Minnesota
Peer Respite as an Alternative to Hospitalization – report by the Legislative Analysis and Public Policy Association

Representatives to contact:
Rep. John Poston, House District 9A
Rep Heather Edelson, House District 49A

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Among Friends – Lindsey Abraham
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