Roughly 68,000 farms spread across Minnesota occupy 51% of our land. Minnesota ranks fifth in agricultural production in the United States, bringing in 16.7 billion dollars annually.  In short, the agriculture industry is big in Minnesota. Still, agriculture only counts for roughly 6% of the workforce, and wages for farm work fall well below the median income across the state.

A lot of folks in Central Minnesota might know a farmer or two – might have even been raised on a farm themselves. But farming has changed a lot over the past few decades.

Today we’re taking a first look at what it means to be a farmer in Minnesota in 2021. We’ll revisit this topic from time to time as we get to know the folks who supply our restaurants and farmers’ markets.

Bruce Anderson, Community Member
Greg Reynolds of Riverbend Farms in Delano, MN

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Data on Family Farms – USDA

Minnesota Agricultural Profile – MN Dept. of Agriculture

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