Minnesota is home to 11,842 lakes and 6,564 natural streams and rivers. Our waters flow north to Hudson Bay, east to the Atlantic Ocean, and south to the Gulf of Mexico.

We fish in these waters, swim in them, drift down them on lazy summer afternoons. From chasing frogs through small creeks to dropping a line through the ice, we spend a lot of time in and around the water.

This Earth Day, we’re asking: what’s the quality of our lakes and rivers in Central Minnesota? And what can we do to ensure we have safe water to enjoy for generations to come? 

Dave Rieder, Community Member
John Barten, Clean Water Council – Lakes & Streams Non-Profit, Chair, Policy Committee 

Show Notes:
Minnesota Clean Water Council

Episode Manager: Renee Cardarelle 
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Luckawanna River by Roy Williams
Appalacian Bellflower by River Foxcroft
Bright Up My Day by View Points
Spring River by Alexander Valentine