If there’s one thing Minnesotans will gladly talk about, it’s the weather. This is more than just the cliche safe subject to talk about – we really, REALLY get into talking about our weather, because our weather events are some of the most extreme in the nation.

And just as much as we love to talk about the weather, we love to be out in it. Minnesotans as a whole are hard-core outdoor enthusiasts. 

With this episode airing during Severe Weather Awareness week in Minnesota, we wanted to ask: What does the intersection of weather, the great outdoors, and climate change look like?

Bruce “Harv” Busta, Community Member

Rachel Humphrey, Assistant Professor of Meteorology and Science Education at St. Cloud State University.

Show Notes:

What Climate Change Means for Minnesota

Minnesota Historic Mega Rain Events

Children’s Blizzard

Armistice Blizzard

SCSU Department of Atmospheric & Hydrologic Sciences

Vasaloppet Nordic Ski Race

Birkebeiner Ski Race

Nordic Ski Club of Central Minnesota 

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Featured Songs:
Disruptive Storms by Martin Klem
Forest Canvas by Elm Lake
Learn to Let Go by Ben Elson
Nidra by Joseph Berg
Storm Shelter by Marten Moses